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Fluent Technologies is dedicated to the management, delivery and presentation of financial information. We validate, verify, and transform complex and disparate data into meaningful client experiences. As a leading Software as a Service provider in the industry, our financial data and content management system is the standard for assuring consistent and accurate representation across the enterprise. Our mission is to help you deliver content equal to the moment transforming information into action at every client meeting.


Fluent offers an investment data management and reporting platform that helps you condition your data by the requirements of your products and present the performance of your products and services the way your markets expect and require.


Fluent’s retirement plan reporting solutions arm your relationship management, captive sales team and advisor network with the resources they require to grow their plan business on your platform.


Fluent’s platform provides advisor teams a unified view and the tools to evaluate and report on investment and plan success measures anywhere, any time with information that can be analyzed and visualized.

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