About Fluent Technologies

By pairing best practices with innovative thinking we effectively analyze, engineer and create out-of-the-box solutions to address even your most complex performance marketing challenges.

About Fluent

Our multi-disciplinary financial services teams comprise experts in marketing communications and content quality management. Each Fluent professional possesses deep industry knowledge and a shared vision for excellence, as well as specialized expertise in complementary areas, including product management, graphic design, publishing, and information technology. This broad perspective allows us to offer you critical solutions of true value to enhance your ability to compete.

Leading the way

Founded in 1996 on the then-novel belief that the publishing of financial periodic performance communications could be automated to create marketing operations efficiencies, Fluent is today a full-service provider capable of managing data and content from multiple client and third-party sources through all phases of discovery, development and distribution.

Our flagship FundUtopia service supports the communication, data and content storage, maintenance and publishing requirements of investment programs, among them mutual funds, institutional co-mingled funds, private client and collective trust funds, annuities and managed portfolios, and retirement plan services.

Our product UtopiaAdvisoris a highly responsive mobile evaluation and presentation platform for business acquisition and retention for Asset Manager Wholesalers, Retirement Plan Relationship Managers and Plan Advisors.