Fluent’s UtopiaAdvisor Brings Interactive Plan and Investment SaaS Solutions Together for DC Advisors and Relationship Managers

MARCH 20, 2017 – LAS VEGAS –Today at the 16th Annual NAPA (401)k Summit, Fluent Technologies formally announced the launch of the industry’s first and only interactive and integrated plan and investment review solution. UtopiaAdvisor is a business-practice software providing an executive dashboard of plan review applications for an advisor’s entire book of business. UtopiaAdvisor offers a one-stop-shop for plan specialist practices, providing efficiency solutions to save time and money and transform meeting presentation practices that ensure meaningful outcomes. With UtopiaAdvisor, plan specialists can lead meetings and be more helpful to sponsors, all the while practicing within compliance of policies and regulations.

“Years of research, industry knowledge, survey results, one-on-one interviews and participation in critical industry-sponsored DOL focused seminars have led us to this moment,” commented Fluent President Michael Zimmer. “Multiple tools and antiquated manual systems, and relying on paper and PowerPoint, are now a thing of the past. We’ve simplified plan and investment client documentation, reporting, and reviews into one user-friendly interface for advisors to always have what they need at their fingertips.”

UtopiaAdvisor allows users to move from passive reporting of inflexible, obsolete information to actively providing meaningful information that measures success and supports solid decisions. Each tool makes real-time calls to a single source of aggregated plan and investment information. These calls put data at the advisor’s fingertips, allowing them to create a message that is understandable and meaningful to the sponsor. Fluent’s arsenal of tools allows advisors to dynamically evaluate and present plan metrics, and then deliver a comprehensive document, reflecting any discussions so that decisive action may be taken.

UtopiaAdvisor Benefits:

Improve plan and investment monitoring, account retention and new business practices by more than the traditional service, quality and price measures:

  • Simplified, easy-to-use and single-sign-on SaaS technology
  • Meeting preparation efficiency and records management
  • Completely digital and mobile “information on-demand” experience
  • Transforms meetings from passive to interactive experiences and dynamic presentations
  • Industry-leading best-practice documents and reporting
  • Smart software that solves today’s challenges, handles the stress of growth and evolves with industry change
  • Transforms the profitability of the advisors practice and of every plan

UtopiaAdvisor Applications Include:

  • Plan Health and Review
  • Retirement Readiness
  • Fund Monitoring
  • Fund Comparison
  • Proposals
  • Fact Sheets
  • Plan Document Management
And an array of ancillary resources not limited to:

  • Web services data APIs
  • Intuitive mobile user interface
  • Centralized content management
  • Compliance reporting
  • CRM connections
  • Business facilitation utilities

  • The difference between UtopiaAdvisor and other solutions on the market is that Fluent focuses on plan outcomes by integrating participant and investment data and statistics, not just investment returns. It is perfect for client review practices with invaluable dynamic plan evaluation, advisor leadership tools and client decision-making solutions.

    In addition, UtopiaAdvisor’s unique and unprecedented documentation toolkit allows the capture of notes and critical comments anywhere at any time: it follows the advisor from app to app, recording changes and capturing evidence of research in the background. Suggested fund and service recommendations and history and archives can be maintained for as long as the practice determines necessary. As a SaaS solution, all advisors need is a mobile device, access to the internet, and licensing, which Fluent makes easy to obtain.

    UtopiaAdvisor is available as a cloud-based application with best-practice workflows ready to deploy, post data integration and set up. Today’s version launch is intended for plan providers, broker dealers and large RIA firms that want to extend best-practice tools to the captive and advisor network client-facing teams. The underlying technology services are engineered to support business, IT and web team initiatives to improve data workflows that support plan and advisor portals. Fluent has proven service and consulting teams with over 20 years of experience for large firms who are seeking a customized configuration of services and licensing agreements with all the features and benefits of UtopiaAdvisor. Fluent strives to make implementations and integrations easy.

    • For advisors, UtopiaAdvisor gives access to the essential tools to evaluate and report on investment and plan success measures – anywhere, any time – with information that can be visualized, analyzed, and shared. Ask your recordkeepers, broker dealer or RIA firm to integrate UtopiaAdvisor, so you can be a more effective plan advisor.
    • For record keepers, custody platform, broker dealers or large RIA firms, UtopiaAdvisor will arm your relationship management, captive sales team and advisor network with the resources they require to grow their plan business on your platform and enhance plan retention and plan growth strategies.

    UtopiaAdvisor is being demonstrated on the floor of NAPA’s 401k summit this week and Fluent is ready to work on agreements and contracts to integrate this technology with your advisor solutions and services and plan sponsor portals. To learn more about UtopiaAdvisor, please visit or booth 437 at the NAPA Summit.

    About UtopiaAdvisor
    Business evaluation tools for client-facing teams and advisors
    UtopiaAdvisor is a secure cloud-based application that provides client-facing teams and advisors with up-to-date investment product and plan information. Our application suite allows users to evaluate data for discussions with clients, dynamically prepare presentations, and pivot from one topic to the next easily as discussions change and evolve. With UtopiaAdvisor’s data and visualization tools, your teams can evaluate investment and plan health, make actionable suggestions and be a trusted advisor in the eyes of your client. UtopiaAdvisor is designed to support advisors and relationship managers who are focused on plan investment suggestions, account management, and new business acquisition.

    About Fluent
    Fluent Technologies offers cloud-app solutions dedicated to the management, delivery and presentation of investment and plan information. Fluent transforms complex and disparate data sources into meaningful and actionable information. The company’s mission is to create technology that simplifies the compilation and use of client-facing product performance information.


    Fluent Technologies to Discuss “Taming the Fiduciary Reg”
    at SPARK Forum 2016

    What: Fluent Technologies to exhibit at SPARK Forum, the retirement services industry’s leading event for the nation’s top marketing, sales, administration and recordkeeping professionals.

    Who: Fluent Technologies’ executives, discussing how our cutting-edge technology platforms can help recordkeepers, plan advisers and relationship management teams to “Tame the Fiduciary Reg” and better manage, deliver and present financial information

    When: November 6-8, 2016

    Where: SPARK Forum 2016, The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL

    For: SPARK Forum Attendees, Media and Industry Analysts interested in learning how the industry can better Optimize Practices and DOL Compliance

    November 2, 2016 – WOBURN, MA – Today Fluent Technologies announced that it will be attending and exhibiting at SPARK Forum 2016 in Palm Beach, FL November 6-8. At the show, Fluent will be discussing the latest ways to optimize advisor and recordkeeping practices in order to remain DOL compliant using the latest financial technology, including its recently-announced UtopiaAdvisor.

    Utopia Advisor is a new, market-leading solution for complying with the recent DOL Conflict of Interest Regulation. It offers a one-stop-shop to implement a customer’s practices, plus organize and execute everything in terms of the DOL. UtopiaAdvisor allows clients to take a significant step forward in practicing and exceeding regulatory compliance and market expectations to help remain litigation free. Perhaps most interesting, the fiduciary workflow Fluent has created is a robust and flexible software engine and can be repurposed, so the company is able to offer a number of ways to access the technology to fit every budget and need.

    For more information about Fluent, UtopiaAdvisor or to set up a meeting with a company executive at the show, please contact us here.

    About Fluent

    Fluent Technologies offers desktop and mobile SaaS and cloud-app solutions dedicated to the management, delivery and presentation of investment and plan information. Fluent transforms complex and disparate data sources into meaningful, actionable information using financial data and content management solutions. The company’s mission is to create technology that simplifies the compilation and use of client-facing product performance information.

    Scheduled through Q22017, Fluent will be unveiling additional features to the UtopiaAdvisor platform to create a comprehensive plan advisor suite to support plan and investment reviews all available on the web and selected functionality on the mobile platform.

    • Plan Health
    • Plan Review
    • Retirement Readiness
    • Plan Provider/Advisor Book of Business Plan Dashboard
    • Fluent Fund, Plan Lineup & Plan Design Scoring
    • DOL Fiduciary Rule Workflow Checklist
    • Client meeting recording, evidence capture and documentation tools
    • Plan document management and vault
    • Plan metrics and service fee benchmarking
    • APIs for CRM and Data Integration
    Through the end of 2016,  Fluent will be unveiling incremental upgrades to our product platforms

    • Watch List Criteria Builder and Fund Monitoring 2.0
    • Plan Lineup Proposal Builder 2.0
    • Fund Comparison and Selection Tool 1.0
    • Customizable, client-facing Fiduciary Scorecards 2.0
    • Investment Review 2.0
    • Compliance and Practice Management 1.0
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