About Fluent

Fluent Technologies is dedicated to the management, delivery and presentation of investment and plan information. We transform complex and disparate data sources into meaningful, actionable information. As a leading Software as a Service provider, we offer financial data and content management solutions that set the standard for consistent and accurate representation across enterprise organizations. We deliver resources when you need them as desktop and mobile applications.

Fluent was established to help the investment community develop and maintain competitive products, build on client relationships and drive new revenue-generating initiatives. Our mission is to create technology that simplifies the compilation and use of client-facing product performance information. Our goal is to deliver content equal to the moment.

Leading the way

Founded in 1996 on the then-novel belief that the publishing of financial periodic performance communications could be automated to create marketing operations efficiencies, Fluent is today a full-service provider capable of managing data and content from multiple client and third-party sources through all phases of discovery, development and distribution.

Our product UtopiaAdvisoris a highly responsive mobile evaluation and presentation platform for business acquisition and retention for Asset Manager Wholesalers, Retirement Plan Relationship Managers and Plan Advisors.

Our legacy service FundUtopia™ (2004–2015) supported the communication, data and content storage, maintenance and publishing requirements of investment programs, among them mutual funds, institutional co-mingled funds, private client and collective trust funds, annuities and managed portfolios, and retirement plan services.

All new clients will be directed to our new UtopiaAdvisor product.