Simplified plan evaluation tools

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We understand how demanding it is to maintain in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of investment and plan information when representing financial services. To take on this responsibility, UtopiaAdvisor provides advisors a cohesive view of plan investment and participant statistics, and provides the tools to evaluate and report on plan health and status by prescribed success measures – anywhere, any time.

UtopiaAdvisor makes it easy to review, analyze and visualize your client information. Use UtopiaAdvisor to manage and respond to the following business needs using its unique features:

  1. Easily navigate through multiple investment options
  2. Report on a broad array of plan design features
  3. Respond quickly to requests for detailed investment and service information
  4. Be assured of compliance approval in the face of increasing regulations
  5. Manage your practice more efficiently using process controls, records and documentation
  6. Augment standardized reporting with the creation of personal and branded reporting

Learn more about UtopiaAdvisor for plan advisors, the comprehensive advisor platform that enables you to build proposals and evaluate plans and investments at your office, with a client or on the go.

Business Solutions

  • Plan health & review with retirement readiness
  • Fund monitoring, review & scorecard
  • Fiduciary checklisting and documentation for fund replacements
  • Fund comparison & analysis
  • IPS line-up proposal & fee and revenue estimates
  • Plan proposal & change workflow facilitation
  • Process controls, records and documentation, audit trails, functional consents, contractual acknowledgement for efficient practice management
  • Fund fact sheets of all plan investment types
  • Morningstar investment returns data & category indices
  • Data integration solutions
  • Cloud mobility & responsive design
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