For Small Practices and the Independent Plan Advisors

For smaller practices or individual plan advisors, the UtopiaAdvisor Cloud App is a perfect fit for many needs all in one SaaS bundle. All applications and workflows were developed with your business in mind, giving you access to tools never before available to the smaller market. License As A Cloud App in the MS Azure Cloud

  • Agree to all terms and conditions online and use your PayPal account to pay for the annual license fee – online tutorials and training modules are provided
  • Reports provided are standardized but include customization options for logos, identification and disclosures Review consistencies and differences from the enterprise version of UtopiaAdvisor to Advisor

Business Solutions

  • Plan Dashboard for easy look-up of individual plan information
  • Plan Monitoring Tools driven by success measures that you and your client determine
  • Plan Evaluation Tools to ensure the plan is making progress towards your success measures
  • Plan Wellness Summary Plan Review and Retirement Readiness Plan Health Check
  • Plan Metrics look-up for a recordkeeper’s view of current and historical trending analysis of participant demographics and plan activity
  • Fiduciary Scorecard for monitoring the investment line-up to plan IPS criteria
  • Fund Fact Sheets to email or print for you client
  • Your Reference Content and Document Library for an easily accessible store of information
  • Access to your CRM so you can easily record your discussion without opening up another portal
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