27 Oct 16

Fluent Enables Plan Advisors and Relationship Management Teams to Optimize Practices and DOL Compliance

Interested in “Taming the Fiduciary Reg”? New product offering integrates multiple practice management toolkits into one simple and affordable platform OCTOBER 27, 2016 – WOBURN, MA – Today Fluent Technologies announced that is has developed a new, market-leading solution for complying with the recent DOL (Department of Labor) Conflict of Interest Regulation based on survey results, one-on-one interviews and participation in critical industry-sponsored DOL focused seminars. UtopiaAdvisor offers a one-stop-shop to implement a customer’s practices, plus organize and execute everything in terms of the DOL. UtopiaAdvisor allows clients to take a significant step forward in practicing and exceeding regulatory compliance…

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25 Oct 16
Unleashing The Data:  Helping Plan Advisors Deliver Participant Outcomes

Unleashing the Data: Helping Plan Advisors Deliver Participant Outcomes

Get the word on the street from an industry insider and FinTech executive. Michael Zimmer of Fluent Technologies here. I’ve been working in the FinTech space for long enough to know that advisors are tasked with a monumental effort to service clients in the best way possible. Over the years, that service has evolved and grown with market demands. Clients have become incredibly knowledgeable about investments, and that has changed the role of the advisor as well as the tools needed to effectively do the job. Now the advisor’s role is being reshaped again in an era of demand for…

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03 Aug 16
Fluent Tames The Fiduciary Reg

Fluent Tames the Fiduciary Reg

Last week, we read an article in Investment News titled "Salesforce adds compliance features to financial services CRM for DOL fiduciary rule." The author, Alessandra Malito, discusses what the CRM community is doing to help advisors comply, or more likely, protect themselves from the new DOL Fiduciary Rule. That got us thinking: CRMs are not the only software tools that are responding to the new ruling. In anticipation of the ruling impact, Fluent Technologies has taken its own initiative to Tame the Fiduciary Regulation. We knew this would be a challenge and proactively decided to design a solution to meet our customers’…

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13 Jun 16
Overview Of The 5 Recent Lawsuits Filed Against The DOL Fiduciary Regulation

Overview of the 5 Recent Lawsuits Filed Against the DOL Fiduciary Regulation

We can all be forgiven if we have lost track of legal action around the DOL’s fiduciary regulation. As of Monday, June 13th, a total of five lawsuits have now been filed challenging the Department of Labor’s fiduciary regulation. Below is a table giving a snapshot of these initiatives. Overview of Legal Actions Against the DOL Fiduciary Regulation – as of June 13, 2016 Date of Suit Main Plaintiffs Focus of Complaints Venue June 1 USCC, SIFMA, and 7 other organizations Broad, with attack on DOL’s lack of authority in regulating IRAs US District Court, N. Texas June 2 National…

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03 Jun 16
Legal Challenge To Fid Reg Is Here… Two Lawsuits Take On The DOL

Legal challenge to Fid Reg is here… Two lawsuits take on the DOL

Two lawsuits have just been filed to challenge and overturn the DOL’s Fiduciary Regulation. The first suit was filed on Wednesday June 1st, by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC), SIFMA and seven other organizations. The second was filed yesterday on June 2nd, by the National Association for Fixed Annuities. The USCC suit is very broad in scope and would essentially, if successful, gut much of the regulation. The NAFA suit is more narrowly focused on the impacts of the regulation on the sale of fixed index annuities. Will there be other suits? - The American Council of Life Insurers…

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04 Apr 16
April 17-19 Is 401(k) Summit Time In Nashville

April 17-19 is 401(k) Summit time in Nashville

Few things are sure bets in life.  But if anything is certain, it is change.  It’s inherent in most everything we do.   In fact in business, it is the one true constant. Today change in the retirement community is imminent and real.   As policy makers attempt to expand access to qualified investing and provide greater protections, we see new ideas being brought forth by the industry:  expansion of plan availability to the small employer market, the emergence of state sponsored retirement plans, the introduction of the “robo-advisor” and ever expanding passive investment strategies and products. At Fluent we are preparing…

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15 Mar 16
Sustainability Ratings – Will Your Firm Be Able To Capitalize On This New Trend?

Sustainability Ratings – Will your firm be able to capitalize on this new trend?

On March 1st Morningstar announced the release of new Sustainability Ratings for 20,000 mutual and exchange traded funds globally including equity, fixed income and possibly cash equivalent funds. These ratings represent a marketing opportunity for many advisors, asset managers and plan providers. Sustainability Ratings – Why should you care? While many advisors, asset managers and plan providers have resisted a growing trend in sociably responsible investing, the tide is starting to shift. Institutional assets under management for Environment, Social and Governance products, or ESG for short, have increased from $639 billion in 1995, to $3.7 trillion in 2012, to $6.5…

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25 Nov 15

Fiduciary Rule: Collision between the SEC and DOL?

The SEC just established an October 2016 date for a Notice of Proposed Rule Making on the Fiduciary Rule for broker-dealers and investment advisors. Under normal circumstances, the SEC has jurisdiction over IRA rollovers, an area that the Department of Labor has made a part of its Fiduciary rule. Will this cause a collision between the SEC and the DOL? Will this force the DOL to slow down its proposal and work on “harmonization” of the two rules? A quick overview from NAPA Net SEC announcement What are your thoughts on this initiative? Philippe Plageman Director of Market Research and…

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18 Nov 15

My View from the SPARK Forum: Technology Delivers Value

On November 8- 10, Fluent sponsored and participated in the annual SPARK Forum in Palm Beach, Florida. I have always found the Annual Forum to be a great conference to take the pulse of the industry and dialogue with retirement services leaders across the country about the challenges and opportunities facing Americans workers and our industry as a whole. Our community faces many challenges, but I am continually impressed with the capacity of our industry to transform itself through it’s ability to listen, look inward and evolve. As our national policy continues to shift to consumer owned and directed retirement…

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23 Oct 15

Fluent to Exhibit at SPARK and TSAM

Fluent has a busy month ahead! We will be exhibiting at two important industry conferences and I hope we have the opportunity to see you at either one. The first, is the Retirement Communities’ most significant gathering of industry plan providers and leaders, the SPARK Forum on November 8-10 in Palm, Beach Florida. The second, is TSAM, the world’s leading event for developing efficient investment management companies, on November 19th. At TSAM, the Asset Manager Community will gather in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss the pressing challenges facing money management today. I am sure you agree, we are living in extraordinary…

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