Relationship management and new plan acquisition solutions

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Plan retention, new business, effective services and increased participant counts are your lifelines. Fluent’s retirement plan reporting solutions arm your relationship management, captive sales team and advisor network with the resources they require to grow their plan business on your platform.  Fluent can help.

Whether you’re in group administration, recordkeeping or relationship and advisory services, you’re being asked to do more for less. The public is beginning to rely on these retirement assets as major components of their nest eggs. And the next generation is looking for more.

Business Solutions

  • Plan health & review with retirement readiness
  • Fund monitoring, review & scorecard
  • Fiduciary checklisting and documentation for fund replacements
  • Fund comparison & analysis
  • IPS line-up proposal & fee and revenue estimates
  • Plan proposal & change workflow facilitation
  • Process controls, records and documentation, audit trails, functional consents, contractual acknowledgement for efficient practice management
  • Fund fact sheets of all plan investment types
  • Morningstar investment returns data & category indices
  • Data integration solutions
  • Cloud mobility & responsive design