Utopia Advisor logoUtopiaAdvisor allows you to access and present the most current information – in real time. In a heavily monitored and regulated industry, UtopiaAdvisor documents the plan advisor process, allowing advisors to focus on best practices to ensure that the plan is serving the participants’ needs. Access, analyze and present real-time data when you need it. If results aren’t meeting prescribed criteria, you can take immediate action to improve the strength of the plan, so your clients know that their retirement plan objectives are being met.

New Practice Management Features

With Utopia Advisor you will have a historical record of what occurred in your practice and with your clients.  You will have event and activity recording tools that follow you anywhere in the software. It is easy to take meeting notes, see a record of correspondence and client activity, connect to your CRM, capture evidence exhibits and complement them with discussion comments and get signature acknowledgement and confirm anything via email confirmations. Other resources available include look up archives, the ability to share or keep private plan documents, and much more.  If an auditor knocks on your door, you will have all of your activity documented.

Business Solutions

  • Plan Dashboard for easy look-up of plan information
  • Plan Monitoring Tools driven by success measures that you and the plan sponsor determine
  • Plan Evaluation Tools to ensure the plan is making progress toward the client’s defined goals
  • Plan Health Check for an executive summary of the wellness of a plan
  • Plan Metrics look-up for a recordkeeper’s view of current and historical trending analysis of participant demographics and plan activity
  • Fiduciary Scorecard for monitoring the investment line-up to plan IPS criteria
  • Fund Fact Sheets for a client-ready presentation of fund information
  • Document Library and reference content management for an easily accessible store of information
  • Access to your CRM so you can easily record your discussion without opening up another portal
Utopia Advisor logo