A leading Advisor-sold 401K plan provider in the small and mid-size markets – Tools supporting Advisors representing 321 and 338 Fiduciary Services

A 401k provider, in a unique position to grow their business, integrated their disparate investment performance returns and plan record keeping data into UtopiaAdvisor and provided UtopiaAdvisor’s evaluation tools to its advisor community.  Their Advisors and Relationship Managers can access information through a web portal that consumes information from the UtopiaAdvisor data mart.  In addition, Advisors can easily monitor funds and make suggestions for alternative investment vehicles through Fluent’s UtopiaAdvisor web-based and mobile applications.

The UtopiaAdvisor suite licensed for this record keeper includes a comprehensive investment review, a highly customizable fiduciary scorecard capability, a fund line-up proposal system, and a dynamic fund fact sheet and reporting service.

Advisor and Relationship Managers can now perform due diligence reviews, execute business retention practices and prospect for new business anytime, anywhere.  Their Advisors are more competitive and perceived as the trusted resource to help the plan sponsor ensure the best investments for its participants.

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