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Fluent’s mission is to provide retirement plan professionals optimized plan data and simplified all-in-one technology, so they can spend more time with clients improving plan outcomes, protecting their business portfolio and building new business opportunities.

UtopiaAdvisor™ is an intuitive suite of plan and investment evaluation tools that transform data into meaningful action-based information to exhibit the true health of a plan in collaborative, mobile friendly software, with integrated on-demand client reporting.

Optimize your practice, comply with practice management expectations, and protect and grow your business by demonstrating your value with UtopiaAdvisor™.

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Independent Plan Advisor Practices


To grow your practice, you need better practice management software to GUIDE your clients to make informed decisions, and to retain and grow your plan business

RIA and B/D Plan Advisor Platforms


Your network of advisors need better plan evaluation tools so they can efficiently GUIDE their plan sponsor to healthy plan outcomes, prove good practice to the home office and focus on business growth

Large Product & Platform Organizations


Differentiate your products and services, and equip your client teams and advisor networks with tools that add value to the expertise you provide

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