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April 17-19 is 401(k) Summit time in Nashville

  • April 4, 2016

Michael ZimmerFew things are sure bets in life.  But if anything is certain, it is change.  It’s inherent in most everything we do.   In fact in business, it is the one true constant.

Today change in the retirement community is imminent and real.   As policy makers attempt to expand access to qualified investing and provide greater protections, we see new ideas being brought forth by the industry:  expansion of plan availability to the small employer market, the emergence of state sponsored retirement plans, the introduction of the “robo-advisor” and ever expanding passive investment strategies and products.

At Fluent we are preparing for these changes.  We realize that evolution creates repercussions and that technology must support plan advisors and providers in new and evolving ways.

We look forward to interacting with plan advisors and the community of plan and advisory business platforms at this year’s NAPA 401(k) Summit and we are eager to learn about the challenges you face.   Please stop by booth 235 to learn how Fluent can help you “Tame the Fiduciary Reg!” while you deliver the best information and advice possible.

At Fluent we help you deliver content equal to the moment.

Kind Regards,

Michael Zimmer
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