Optimize product marketing and distribution initiatives

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  • For Product Managers supporting Key Accounts
  • For Marketing to retail investors

An investment data management and reporting platform perfect for asset managers and their product managers and marketing teams. If you need to view your data by the objectives of your products and to report the performance of your products the way your markets require, FundUtopia engineered by Fluent is the solution for you.

FundUtopia gives you a platform of services to handle your product management and reporting needs, so your team’s focus is on product innovation and strategy – the things clients expect for putting their trust in you. You won’t have to wonder if the data is good, the reports are not in compliance or your message is not consistently communicated across your distribution channels. With FundUtopia, you’ll market with confidence.

And Fluent is right there, ensuring that you’re always able to leverage FundUtopia to meet your on-going needs. We help you organize and streamline your data and compliance-approval workflows. We make your practices and resources transparent and your business process management more systematic and less people dependent.

For over two decades, we’ve delivered investment data management and performance reporting services that asset managers require, channel markets demand, brands are identified with, and investors expect.

Services Include:

  • Proprietary & Third-party Data Aggregation Services
  • Publishing Design
  • System Configuration Development
  • Dedicated Account Manager(s)
  • Online User Interface
  • Data aggregation and management
  • Content management and collaboration
  • Online Document Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Cloud-based Management Portal
  • Digital distribution of information
  • Workflow Process Management
  • Research and Consulting Services

Business Solutions

  • Periodic and on-demand Performance Reports
  • Fund Portfolio Analytics and Comparison
  • Fund Fact Sheets
  • Fund Commentaries
  • Market Commentaries
  • Pitch books
  • Separately Managed Account Performance Reporting
  • Representative Composite Reviews
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