Fluent Enables Plan Advisors and Relationship Management Teams to Optimize Practices and DOL Compliance

  • October 27, 2016

Interested in “Taming the Fiduciary Reg”? New product offering integrates multiple practice management toolkits into one simple and affordable platform

OCTOBER 27, 2016 – WOBURN, MA – Today Fluent Technologies announced that is has developed a new, market-leading solution for complying with the recent DOL (Department of Labor) Conflict of Interest Regulation based on survey results, one-on-one interviews and participation in critical industry-sponsored DOL focused seminars.

UtopiaAdvisor offers a one-stop-shop to implement a customer’s practices, plus organize and execute everything in terms of the DOL. UtopiaAdvisor allows clients to take a significant step forward in practicing and exceeding regulatory compliance and market expectations to help remain litigation free. Perhaps most interesting, the fiduciary workflow Fluent has created is a robust and flexible software engine and can be repurposed, so the company is able to offer a number of ways to access the technology to fit every budget and need.

The difference between UtopiaAdvisor and other solutions on the market is that Fluent focuses on both the plan and investments, not just investments. UtopiaAdvisor’s unique and unprecedented documentation toolkit allows the capture of notes anywhere at any time: it follows the advisor from app to app within the system as well as on the road with a mobile interface. It is perfect for investment review practices but also an invaluable solution for plan review, retirement readiness, plan health and plan wellness analysis.

“Our products have always been designed with the user in mind, and our current product offerings allow our clients to create records of any and all client activity with just a few clicks,” said Michael Zimmer, Founder and President of Fluent. “But something was missing. We heard over and over again that customers were using multiple tools to achieve their goals, and they were frustrated with the lack of interoperability and integration. Now, with the new fiduciary ruling, we addressed client needs and realized there is a much larger market demanding tech tools than just large enterprises using custom solutions. Many companies can benefit from the experience and technology Fluent has to offer. We’ve spent thousands of hours creating UtopiaAdvisor to fill a market need previously unserved in one complete solution.”

UtopiaAdvisor comes in two flavors: UtopiaAdvisor and UtopiaAdvisorPro. UtopiaAdvisor is an off-the-shelf cloud-based application; perfect for smaller practices and advisors who want the tools that are typically only accessible to the large practices but at an affordable price. UtopiaAdvisorPro is for larger firms who are looking for a SaaS or turnkey licensed install with all the features and benefits of UtopiaAdvisor, plus additional layers of customization and functionality.

  • For advisors, UtopiaAdvisor delivers the right resources at the right time at an attractive price point. UtopiaAdvisor gives access to the essential tools to evaluate and report on investment and plan success measures – anywhere, any time – with information that can be visualized, analyzed, and shared.
  • For asset managers, UtopiaAdvisorPro offers an investment data management and reporting platform to address all of their most important needs, from conditioning data by the requirements of products, to presenting the performance of a manager’s products and services the way the markets expect and require.
  • For record keepers, custody platform clients, broker dealer or large RIA plan sponsors, UtopiaAdvisorPro will arm your relationship management, captive sales team and advisor network with the resources they require to grow their plan business on your platform.

UtopiaAdvisor assures all sharing of information derives from a single source of data, which is leveraged across all practices and tasks, including:

  • Fiduciary Workflows – enforces practices and protocols aligned with the DOL ERISA and PPA Act and regulators, and Plan Sponsors and Participants expectations
  • Client Transaction Records – whether your practices are interoperable with your CRM, or independent, search for client-specific records of shared activity, then filter by the form of record and evidence that is part of your practice.

About UtopiaAdvisor

Business evaluation tools for client-facing teams and advisors

UtopiaAdvisor is a secure web application platform that provides client-facing teams and advisors with up-to-date investment product and plan information. Our application suite allows users to evaluate data for discussions with clients, dynamically prepare presentations, and pivot from one topic to the next easily as discussions change and evolve. With UtopiaAdvisor’s data and visualization tools, your teams can evaluate investment and plan health, make actionable suggestions and be a trusted advisor in the eyes of your client.

UtopiaAdvisor is designed to support advisors and relationship managers who are focused on plan investment suggestions, account management, and new business acquisition.

About Fluent

Fluent Technologies offers desktop and mobile SaaS and cloud-app solutions dedicated to the management, delivery and presentation of investment and plan information. Fluent transforms complex and disparate data sources into meaningful, actionable information using financial data and content management solutions. The company’s mission is to create technology that simplifies the compilation and use of client-facing product performance information. www.fluenttech.com

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