Fluent Tames The Fiduciary Reg

Fluent Tames the Fiduciary Reg

  • August 3, 2016

Michael Zimmer
Last week, we read an article in Investment News titled “Salesforce adds compliance features to financial services CRM for DOL fiduciary rule.” The author, Alessandra Malito, discusses what the CRM community is doing to help advisors comply, or more likely, protect themselves from the new DOL Fiduciary Rule.

That got us thinking: CRMs are not the only software tools that are responding to the new ruling. In anticipation of the ruling impact, Fluent Technologies has taken its own initiative to Tame the Fiduciary Regulation. We knew this would be a challenge and proactively decided to design a solution to meet our customers’ needs.

Fluent’s new software, UtopiaAdvisor (scheduled for release in 1Q’2017), will change the way you view and use information. Features have been developed specifically to help advisors comply to the rule and make it easy and convenient you to improve your practices and disciplines. Some feature highlights include:

  • Capture images of exhibits and data, and then archive them with comments whenever discussions center around status reporting and changes to funds and services. This is your CYA evidence.
  • Meeting notes can be drafted conveniently. This feature is displayed in the UI toolbar.
  • Record meetings as a good practice by keeping calendar records related to all account activity you perform in managing a plan.

All of the new resources will be accessible online in UtopiaAdvisor’s user-friendly display. In addition:

  • The information recorded is extractable as PDF reports or file downloads.
  • Extracted records are easy to upload and store in your CRM system if you consider CRM your hub.
  • And, if you are an enterprise organization with many users, UtopiaAdvisor provides a consumable API for system administrators to easily integrate with internal systems for records management.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other features are in the pipeline. All of these new features will be integrated with the UtopiaAdvisor basic contact information and email features, plus the already existing history, change management, and auditing controls.

We are excited to give you a sneak peak of this software – and welcome feedback or questions leading up to the launch. Please feel free to contact Fluent Technologies at info@fluenttech.com, or visit our website at www.fluenttech.com for more information.

Kind Regards,
Michael Zimmer
Fluent Technologies

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