Fluent Helped 120,000 Plans with More than 4 Million Participants this Year – How Can We Help You?

  • October 16, 2018


Welcome to Q4’18!

It’s been an amazing year here at Fluent. We started 2018 intending to fully launch our new UtopiaAdvisor™ suite of tools for Retirement Plan Advisors, but the market had a different plan for us: there was strong interest by some of America’s largest plan providers for their own solutions based on UtopiaAdvisor and the industry continued to have growing concerns and demands for security.

THE RESULT? 2018 has been a very busy year here at Fluent!

This year alone, Fluent signed enterprise contracts to implement proprietary technology that would improve data services, plan evaluation practices and client reporting for some of America’s premier brands in Retirement Plan Services. That means that by the end of just the first year of releasing its new FinTech solution, Fluent will be processing plan evaluations for over 120,000 (+) plans. Yes! That is about one out of six plans of all of America’s defined contribution market!

In addition, as a new service to the Plan Provider and Plan Advisor Community, we saw growing expectations and demands to commit to exceeding the industry’s high standards for a FinTech company’s operations controls and security. We took this seriously and Fluent is implementing the audit controls of the SOC2/ Type II trust services defined by the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Yes! When you do business with Fluent, we have the risk mitigation controls in place and your business is safe!

WOW! So, if you have wondered what Fluent has been up to, we have been quietly running a marathon; continuously developing the UtopiaAdvisor product, while launching exciting new installations of the industry’s most forward-thinking plan evaluation services, implementing practices that are reflected in the  Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act and executing the controls of the SOC2/ Type II trust services as defined by the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

Why Does this Matter?

Fluent is focused on the needs of Plan Professionals of Retirement Plan Recordkeepers and Administrators, Broker Dealers and Advisor Alliance Networks, and Independent Advisor Practices. As a FinTech solutions provider focused on the needs of Plan Professionals, we hope that the Plan Community sees the seriousness in our efforts to support the community and help America retire. And in 2019, when faced with getting your organization to meet the challenges of data management and assuring best practices in client-facing business meetings, please entertain the commitment of Fluent and its UtopiaAdvisor solutions to advance your business.

Thank you for a great year!

Learn more about Fluent Technologies’ and UtopiaAdvisor. Visit  www.fluenttech.com.

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