About Fluent

We are in the background, quietly reporting on the health and performance of 20% of America’s ERISA group plans offered by employers across this great land.

  • This is 120,000 (+) plans
  • Nearly 100 billion in AUM
  • Representing almost 7 million participants
  • Serving plan sizes from 1 to 100,000
  • And a variety of product types

Now we want to help you, the advisor, the expert and the rainmaker, the fiduciary and ultimately the steward of a plan. And we can help you because of the problems we solve and the solutions we bring to market.

Smart Data That Speaks to Your Markets

We give you plan data aggregation and normalization – so you have one reliable data source that is consistently represented across all your plan evaluation and management practices.

We will help you get in front of your customers, instead of being stuck at the desk assembling incongruent disparate plan materials to show an sponsor who doesn’t understand it anyway.

We offer you mobile and on-demand dynamic plan evaluation of demographics and investments.

Leading the Way

Founded in 1996, Fluent believed that we could use automation to publish financial periodic performance communications and that this would create marketing operation efficiencies. Today, Fluent is a full-service provider, capable of managing data and content from multiple client and third-party sources, through all phases of discovery, development and distribution.

Our product UtopiaAdvisor is a highly responsive mobile evaluation and presentation platform for business acquisition and retention for Retirement Plan Providers, Broker Dealers & RIAs and Retirement Plan Advisors.

Our legacy service FundUtopia™ (2004–2015) supported the communication, data and content storage, maintenance and publishing requirements of investment programs, among them mutual funds, institutional co-mingled funds, private client and collective trust funds, annuities and managed portfolios, and retirement plan services.

All new clients will be directed to our new UtopiaAdvisor™ product.

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