How is UtopiaAdvisor™ Different from Other Plan Advisor Software?

UtopiaAdvisor™ is different than other advisor software because it offers tools that help advisors communicate the other 50% of the story – Plan Health.

The plan health suite represents comprehensive applications for monitoring all aspects of a plan to help advisors exhibit their value in their practice.

While UtopiaAdvisor™ has all the bells and whistles for a robust Plan Health Review, it also combines it with a comprehensive Investment Review to make for a complete package offering.

The Plan Health Review and Investment Review suites are offered separately or combined.

How Does UtopiaAdvisor™ Add More Value to the Conversations Advisors Have with Plan Sponsors?

UtopiaAdvisor’s™ plan health suite allows advisors to set and track plan health goals to steer the conversation to more valuable measures of success.

It’s not just about investment performance anymore!


How Does UtopiaAdvisor™ Turn Information into Action?

UtopiaAdvisor™ provides advisors with the ability to GUIDE their clients with repeatable practices in setting goals for improved metrics, qualifying the appropriate funds for plan investment objectives, monitoring results and taking action across their entire book of business.


Key Features

UtopiaAdvisor’s™ participant metrics and investment performance evaluation tools allow advisors to set and track measurable goals and criteria to steer the conversation to more valuable measures of success.

Because a Plan Review is not just about investment performance anymore! Plan success is about participant outcomes.

Access to Plan Data in OneView™


OneView™ Data Management

Import and export utilities for plan data & content

UtopiaAdvisor™ OneView™ of standardized and unified vendor plan data

Monitor Plan Goals Across Your Entire Book of Business

Plangoalskpis 2

Plan Goals, KPIs and Actions

Generate momentum and progress to plan health across the book of business

Lead Meetings with Information at Your Fingertips


Mobility: Compatible on tablets

Web-enabled cloud application for any mobile device

Investment Review Features

Prove You’re Acting in the Best Interest of Your Client


Fiduciary Checklist

Audit-ready compliance reporting

Generate Real-Time Evaluation Reports


Reporting and Publishing

Professionally developed, configured standards and market-based templates

Key Benefits


Investment Review Snapshot

Plan Data Made Easy

Coming Soon! Plan Review Snapshot

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